Mathematics in the Home of Latine Families

In this project, we aim to validate a recently developed measure of the home mathematics environment (HME) for Latine families (HME-L).  

With this measure, we aim to shift attention from what Latine families do not know or do to valuing and leveraging their everyday practices and experiences. 

Latine Home Numeracy Practices and Digital Supports

In this project, we aim to design family STEM resources (i.e., an app) using a bottom-up approach. We are conducting focus groups with Latine families to learn about their everyday practices and the use of technology. 

This work will promote meaningful STEM content in activities and interactions already taking place in Latine families' homes.

Measuring Dual Language Learners' School Readiness Skills

In this project, we aim to examine how Latine dual language learners (DLLs) perform in different school readiness domains (e.g., science, math) based on their  English language skill test (preLAS). We are using two nationally representative datasets.

This work raises concerns about the validity of English-based assessments for Latine DLLs. Being DLL is a cognitive benefit that should be celebrated and encouraged; however, assessments in one language do not accurately capture DLLs’ academic abilities.